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Tired - Yard Work

I got an add from one of the many catalog plant places, and they had a deal that sounded interesting: $25 for a random 'grab bag' assortment of bulbs. I figured they'd send 3-4 bags of bulbs, but it sounded like an interesting offer, and might get some flowers in our beds I hadn't considered.

The box showed up this week consisting of:
40 Shamrock Iron Cross bulbs

15 mixed Poppy bulbs in red white and blue (very patriotic, they're supposed to bloom late June)

15 mixed Dutch Gladiolus

3 'Sweetheart' double oriental lillies

3 'Satisfaction' Lily Tree (They don't lie, they're supposed to get 5' tall when mature)

3 'Boogie Woogie' Lily Tree

3 'Double Pleasure' Lily

2 Giant Pineapple Lily

6 Oxeye Daisies

10 Peruvian Daffodils

and lastly 5 mixed Dahlias

That's roughly 105 bulbs to plant, some of them as deep as 9". As I've said before digging in our soil, which is mostly glacial till, is a process of digging an inch or two, hitting a rock, spending a lot of time extracting the rock, dig again for another inch or two, rock! It took several hours, including some weeding in the spots where I was putting the bulbs, my hands are tired, my wrists are sore, I'm worn out.

I just hope these bulbs do well, I'm particularly excited about the Pineapple lilies and the Peruvian Daffodils. These are all supposedly spring planters and summer bloomers , so we'll see if they do anything this year (I don't expect much, I'd be surprised if they bloomed at all, but leaves would be nice.)

It was a lot more than I expected to get for $25, so I am well pleased, or I will be once my hands aren't sore and some of them are blooming.

New Game: Bowling For Pinecones

Today started off lazy, but turned in to yard work. It was nice and sunny, the lawn needed mowing and weeds needed pulling. Douglas mentioned he was thinking he'd like to get a leaf blower and I whole heartedly agreed because I could really use one of those for lots of gardening chores aside from fall leaf blowing.

So off to McLendons we went, because #1: the people that work there know their stuff, and #2: we like supporting the local chain where the people that work there can actually knowledgebly advise you on all things hardware.

We came home with a new leaf blower/vacuumer-mulcher. We blew the mounds of mown grass that didn't make it into the bag and noticed that the pine cones that embed themselves into our lawn were popping out and blowing away. It turned into a bit of a fun game.

Yes, I'm easily amused.

Star Trek Movie

It was actually very good, I really enjoyed it.

It felt mainly like several tips of the hat to the original series, and setting the base for following movies. The best casting was Spock, I was skeptical of that choice when I heard who they cast as young Spock, but he did a great job.

I'm not as sold on the others. McCoy got it a few times where it felt right, same with Sulu. I'm not sold on Kirk, some of it seemed close, but nothing was spot on. Scotty and Checkov seemed different enough that I wasn't even comparing them to the original actors. Uhura was good, but they've modernized her role, which I'm not objecting to at all, but it changed things enough that I wasn't comparing her to the original either.

However it was great fun. I got frisson when they showed the Enterprise, and there was plenty of good action. The mining ship just looked evil and threatening. I also think they did a good job setting up this incarnation of Star Trek.

It was definitely satisfying, I like that it was back to the action Star Trek with green women and not the 'let's talk and solve our problems through diplomacy' Star Trek. There was no feeling of wimpyness.

All-in-all it was great fun, definitely worth seeing, it's the best Star Trek movie that's come out in a long while. I'd put it up there with Kahn and the Whales.

Cute, Short, Animation

Totally work safe


My inner 14-15yr old girl is squealing with delight.
My most awesome and wonderful husband got us Tears For Fears tickets.
I sooooooo wanted to see them live back int the 80s, but it never worked out, I was too young to drive anywhere and I think I had completely annoyed my parents with my fan-girlish obsession with them. (To the point that when they got back from a trip to England where they went to Bath, where Tears For Fears lived & recorded at the time, my Dad said 'and if we'd moved the camera a little to the left in this picture we would've got a shot of Tears For Fears.') Yeah.

Anyway though I don't really like their newer stuff that much I really look forward to hearing them play their older stuff that I liked so well. Plus it'll be at the Chateau Ste Michelle winery, which isn't far from here, and hopefully it'll be a nice sunny day.


April Fools - It's Snowing!

But no, really, it is snowing.

WTF? When does the weather pull an April Fools joke?

Did I mention Weather?

No Context Theater

I'm prepared for silence and a Journey song.

I Wish, I Want

to be able to model & texture like this!

I Don't Usually Do These - Friday Five


1. What tastes best covered in chocolate?
I'm usually a purist, I like chocolate all by itself, so chocolate covered in more chocolate. Like chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting. Mmmmmm.

2. Why do you eat chocolate the way you do (or don't)?
I don't eat a whole lot of chocolate these days because of avoiding dairy. These days if I get chocolate it's in other things, like the soy frozen desserts.

3. Do you know how chocolate is made?
No, and I don't really care, I don't gross out easily, and it's so tasty.

4. If you knew you would live 5 years longer if you never ate any chocolate again, would you give it up?
That would depend a lot on the quality of those five years. Five active, healthy years? I might. Five senile drooling on myself having my diapers changed by nurses aides years? Nah, I'll enjoy myself now and eat the chocolate.

5. Have you ever had carob?
I believe I have, I prefer chocolate.

3D TV is a Fail

I'm watching Chuck, because that's a show I try to catch regularly.

This week's episode is 3D, and it's annoying.

They claimed that this wasn't like the old 3D, no, this is better. Instead of the orange lense they've changed it to amber. Yeah... it's the same. There is a blue and amber outline on everyone if you watch without the glasses.

With the glasses... the color is wrong, the cheapy glasses are uncomfortable, and you still get the ghosts, even with the glasses.

And the '3D' looks like 2D cutouts layered two or three deep. It doesn't look like a true three dimensional space inside the TV. It's a paper cutout set. The glasses make everything darker. Plus the paper strip down the middle is wide enough that you see it, so you can tell a distinct blue side and a distinct amber side. Maybe with better glasses it wouldn't suck so bad, but I think this idea is a fail.

I think whichever executives are saying all of our movies are going to be 3D like this ought to change their mind. It looks like '3D technology' hasn't changed since the 50s.



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